National manufacturing and with the iLED quality guarantee, Designed for outdoors (MUPI type) for advertising, specially adapted for small spaces and high visibility under direct sunlight. It has 3 faces to place advertising, this configuration is perfect for shopping centers, streets or bus stops.

LED Screens Transparent SMD (CLEAR LINE)

A new and innovative solution in transparent screens, ideal for the activation of commercial campaigns, advertisements. Glass screens in high-luminosity spaces in an impressive and different way, which covers the needs of our clients in high-luminosity spaces where projectors could not be used with our holographic projection film. This Transparent led screen has a modular …

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Outdoor LED Screens Gold SMD

SMD Encapsulation that provides greater luminosity and resistance to the elements. In addition to having sharper colors thanks to its high quality uniform mask and color that has a stable performance and long useful life. Supports humid conditions caused by constant rain. Its high brightness allows the visibility of the content even under daylight.

Epistar IP65 Outdoor LED Display Panel with light cabinet

P3.9mm outdoor led display widely used in conference, stadium, celebration party, stage performance, indoor and outdoor events, etc. Light/quick installation/high brightness/high refresh rate, gray scale makes a perfect LED display. With strict waterproof test, it can reach IP65. Can work offstage rental events, outdoor fixed installation. Die-cast aluminum-magnesium alloy cabinet 500*1000, only 700mm thick and …

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